How it works

From launching a programme to joining as a participant, we bring you a seamless peer learning experience.

How to launch a programme

1. Sign up and create a programme

Complete our Start for free form to provide us with the info we need. Within one business day, you will receive an email from us containing your account and your programme in preview mode.

  • Select one of our programmes as a template

    Choose from Women At Work, New Joiners, Peer Coaching, Conference Participants, or Alumni. You can always edit it afterward.

  • Indicate the number of participants.

    Our free version accommodates up to 50 participants. Please mention your target audience size.

  • Indicate if you want a waitlist form

    We can provide you with a waitlist so participants can pre-register and provide useful information for refining your programme.

2. Configure your programme

You will first receive its preview mode, allowing you to edit and test it at any time, either by yourself or with a few people.

  • Define the event schedule.

    Determine the periods based on the number of time zones and participants. To ensure proper matching, aim for at least 100 people.

  • Customize its content.

    Most programmes will require participants to answer a single question upon onboarding (e.g. Seniority Level). You can change the wording of these questions as well as the topics to alight with your priorities.

  • Conduct tests.

    In preview mode, you can test your programme yourself or with a few colleagues whenever you want, ensuring everything is ready. Once prepared, launch it!

3. Launch your programme

Communicate your programme by simply sharing its unique link with your participants, using your preferred communication tool.

  • Share the unique link with your participants.

  • Include your own message and instructions.

  • That's it! Pat yourself on the back - you're all set to make a huge impact!